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High School of the Dead Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

High School of the Dead' Season 2Based on the manga ‘High School of the Dead,’ this Japanese Horror anime is also known as ‘Apocalyptic Academy: High School of The Dead’. Daisuke Sato designed it, and Shoji Sato illustrated it. It was published in Fuji Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age from September 2006 to May 2013, however Daisuke Sato died away in 2017 before the work could be completed completely following his death. In Japan, Fuji Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten released seven Tankobon volumes between March 2007 and April 2011. Yen Press is the North American publisher of the anime series.
First, there was the 2011 anime version, which was greatly acclaimed by fans. To this day it is considered one of the most popular television anime shows ever made. Sadly, ‘High School of the Dead’ was not revived for a second season like many other outstanding anime shows.

This show debuted July 5, 2010, and wrapped on September 20, 2010. A special episode of “High School of the Dead” for fans was published the same year. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the second season’s release for about a decade now, and there have been no fresh developments. This is all we know thus far. Twitter

When Is Season 2 of “High School of the Dead” Coming Out?

All of us are eagerly awaiting the show’s renewal and return to our televisions. Manga and anime enthusiasts alike flocked to see the programme when it initially aired. ‘High School of the Dead’, on the other hand, is having a difficult time attracting viewers. Consequently, the series is more difficult than the others. It was a huge success when it initially aired, and everyone was raving about it. Since then, the release date of the anime series has been the subject of much discussion. However, it is doubtful that the programme will earn a second season based on current trends. The manga was left incomplete after the death of the comic’s author in 2017. However, there is still a chance that a new author may emerge. Although it is doubtful, the second season of the anime might be broadcast in late 2021 or early 2022, even if a new writer is brought in.

Will Season 2 Be Released Anytime in the Next Month or so?

Since the original creators of the series no longer wanted to continue the series, the second season is expected to be produced by a US-based anime network. The creator of the manga that served as the inspiration for the anime died away in 2017, leaving the project unfinished. A second season of the show has yet to be announced, but fans remain hopeful.

There have been a few updates on the second season of “High School of the Dead.”
A US-based anime network is expected to run the second season of ‘High School of the Dead’ after the original producers decided not to continue with the series. Some believe that Japan’s horrific tsunami and earthquakes prompted this decision. As a result, there was insufficient time and resources to continue the series. The first season of the series has been licenced to a number of international networks, and the programme has a large fanbase. This film has been licenced to VOD, Sentai Filmworks, Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace, and Madman Entertainment in Australia, amongst others.

Is ‘High School Of The Dead’ Being dubbed into English?

Anime-Planet has all the resources you need to view the programme in English or with English subtitles.

In what way is the Anime structured?

In this Japanese Horror Anime, a cataclysmic event brings back the dead. In Japan and throughout the globe, a mystery sickness causes an epidemic of Zombies. Zombies have taken over the world because of the spread of the illness. As the illness spreads, human populations are being killed at an alarming pace. As a group of young people, they work together to escape the apocalypse by protecting each other.

Has ‘High School Of The Dead’s’ Second Season Been Speculated On?

Rumors about the series have been flying about for a while now. US-based anime networks have been mentioned in the rumour mill as possible producers for Season 2. However, the Japanese government is a bit hesitant about the issue and is deliberating. Another rumour has it that the second season would premiere before the end of 2020, so fans won’t have to wait too long. However, we are currently in the year 2021, and it plainly hasn’t happened. There have been rumours that the anime has been in the works for some time, but there have been no official statements or news in this instance.. Some fans believe that the second season of the series will begin airing sooner than expected, and a two-minute trailer for the second season will begin streaming shortly.

‘High School of the Dead’ Characters

While there are many characters in this famous anime, we’ll be focusing on the main ones and their roles in season one…. The following is a brief summary of each of the protagonists.

His name is Takashi Komuro, and he’s the protagonist of the storey, a 17-year-old high school student from Fujimi. The two childhood friends, Takashi and Rei, made a promise to each other that they would be married one day. Due to the rush and immaturity of their decision, Rei later begins dating Hisashi. At the beginning of the series, he hurried to rescue Rei, who was helping the teachers, when he saw the zombies attacking them. Takashi kills Hishashi after he turns into a zombie during the struggle. Because of this, Rei concludes that Takashi murdered him because he was envious of her. Rei pulls Takashi back and apologises, and the two of them embrace each other as they walk away.

An orange-brown-haired girl with reddish-brown eyes is named Rei Miyamoto. Previously, she promised Takashi that she would marry him, but after the series began, he began dating Hishashi. In the aftermath of Takashi’s killing of Hishahi, she is enraged and blames Takashi for everything. When Takashi is feeling sorry for himself, he decides to leave, but Rei intervenes and they both come to an agreement. On page 12, Rei informs Takashi that females are swayed by attractive and caring men. Takashi tells her that he’s neither of the two, but Rei tells him that it’s precisely why she loves him and doesn’t want him to be anybody else after hearing this. Also, she dislikes Mr. Shido, since he held her back in school for a year and exacerbated her father’s relationship with her mother.

Said to have dark violet hair and sparkling blue eyes, Saeko Busujima is a third-year university student. As the head of the school’s Kendo club, she constantly carries her wooden sword. In the series, Saeko is seen to murder an infected pupil out of pity because of her pride in her abilities. A later scene shows Saeko telling Takashi about an incident in which she was almost sexually attacked, but with the assistance of her wooden sword, she was able to defend herself before the police arrived. Before Takashi helps her restore her self-confidence, she contemplates giving up and surrendering to the zombies.

Saya Takagi- Saya is the daughter of a prominent right-wing politician and a second-year student at the same high school. They are saved from danger by a self-proclaimed genius who exploits her expertise. In spite of the fact that she hails from a well-off household, she has an uneasy relationship with her parents.

On the surface, Kohta Hirno seems to be a timid, overweight person with spectacles, but he is really a gun fanatic. In later episodes, he develops affections for Asami Nakoaka, an office trainee, after he helped her pacify an irate mall victim. Asami’s transformation into a zombie necessitated Kohta’s decision to murder her.

She is Shizuka Marikawa, the high school nurse who is almost murdered by a zombie and rescued only by Saeko. As a character, she has a likeable demeanour and her enormous breast size is often used as a comedic device.

Her father was slain after they were refused refuge and Alice was saved by Takashi, a 7-year-old girl. She is referred to as Arisu in the English dub of the anime.



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