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Users Are Getting Headaches While The Windows 10 Updates Still Continue

Users Are Getting Headaches While The Windows 10 Updates Still Continue

Things don’t look too good for an organization that’s supposedly cleansing up its update act. Microsoft has said that it’s taking a break from making massive feature changes this year to offer a method to fixing bugs and sharpening features. But when these two successive cumulative updates are any indication, the company is likely to be a reasonable distance from regaining customers’ belief in updates that won’t break things like a lot as they fix them.

The cumulative update underneath the title KB4512941 was supposed to deliver changes to the present Windows 10 1903 version. As a substitute, it has introduced two significant problems to this updating to the newest set of patches. One is that Cortana has reportedly begun utilizing up an abnormal amount of CPU. The second downside has allegedly rendered the Windows 10 Search bar ineffective.

Microsoft later launched the KB4515384 update to deal with these points and should have succeeded in doing that. Unfortunately, it additionally appears to have introduced new bugs which may be even worse than what it fixed. In different words, the typical Windows 10 update experience.

Some customers have reported that installing this newest update will break networking features on Home windows 10 PCs. It supposedly disables each Wi-Fi and even Ethernet connectivity, and no amount of reinstalling drivers fixes it. The one approach to get networking, and, subsequently, Internet access, is to roll the actual update in question again. Considering the primary problematic update, customers are caught between a rock and a hard place.

These two are simply the most recent in a string of updates that trigger users problems whereas promising and, to be truthful, delivering fixes to different issues. It has virtually changed into a common prevalence; however, it shouldn’t be a reason to let the established order remain. More than merely spending an entire release to shine, Microsoft must additionally clean up its update growth and testing process.