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Things to Know About Google’s Lightweight Go Apps

Things to Know About Google’s Lightweight Go Apps

You could have seen Google launching a succession of cut-down, light-weight, basic apps below the Go label. The concept is they’re intended for nations where a combination of spotty internet and tight data caps making utilizing all the cool apps in your phone a chore. Only those issues aren’t just occurring abroad. Spotty internet and tight knowledge caps can happen in the US too. Which suggests Android Go apps could be just as helpful here.

It’s price noting that not all these apps are going to be obtainable to you through the Google Play Retailer, as they’re region-locked in some instances. Those that you can’t get through the normal means may be sideloaded by visiting APKMirror in your mobile net browser and searching for the relevant app.

They’re all tied into the Android Go operating system, which itself is a cut-down model of the leading Android OS intended for entry-level smartphones and less-than-reliable connections. Keeping clutter and bloat down to a minimum is the order of the day, and which means a number of the usual bells and whistles get lost along the way.

Something to note about all of those apps is their small file sizes, usually just a few megabytes. Not only does this imply, they download more rapidly, but however it also means they open up in a snap, even on older hardware. There are compromises along the way through, and we’ll get to those.