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Sandwiches Linked to A Listeria Caused 6 Deaths

Sandwiches Linked to A Listeria Caused 6 Deaths

A sixth person has died after consuming pre-packaged sandwiches and salads linked to a listeria outbreak, Public Health England (PHE) has mentioned.

The latest death was one of many nine cases previously confirmed, and PHE stated there had been no new cases linked to the outbreak.

The affected person acquired listeriosis from The Good Food Chain products while at Western Sussex hospitals NHS basis trust, PHE stated.

The other deaths occurred at four hospital trusts – two at Manchester University NHS foundation trust, one at Burton NHS foundation trust and University Hospitals of Derby and the fifth at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, one at Aintree University hospital NHS foundation trust in Liverpool.

There’s another case at Western Sussex hospitals NHS foundation trust, one case at East Kent hospitals University NHS foundation trust and one at Frimley Health NHS foundation trust, which hasn’t been fatal.

PHE mentioned it was testing all samples of listeria on an ongoing basis. It has examined 34 samples of listeria and mentioned none had been linked to the outbreak.

The Good Food Chain, which equipped 43 NHS trusts within the UK as well as one independent provider, voluntarily ceased manufacturing. PHE stated the investigation into the outbreak was continuing.

The enterprise was provided with meat produced by North Country Cooked Meats, which has tested positive for the outbreak pressure of listeria and also stopped manufacturing.

Listeria infection is rare and normally causes a mild illness in wholesome folks. However, it could possibly have more serious consequences amongst those with pre-existing medical situations, pregnant women, and those with a weak immune system.

PHE mentioned the health risk to the general public remained low.