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Middle Seats of Flights Are Getting Better

Middle Seats of Flights Are Getting Better

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that middle seats on airplanes are the worst.

Being awkwardly sandwiched in between two individuals while fighting for elbow room is the bane of most passengers. Now a new design would possibly actually make individuals need the middle seat — or at least make the flying experience less depressing.

The S1 design from the Colorado-based startup, Molon Labe Seating, features three economy seats in a staggered format, putting the center seat slightly behind the aisle and window seats, and at a slightly lower height.

Sitting directly adjacent to two individuals means that passengers only have so much shoulder room. However, moving the center seat back a few inches permits for more space, so the corporate made the center seat about three to five inches wider than the usual 18-inch seat.

“That little bit of stagger signifies that every single individual will get to spread out a little extra,” Hank Scott, the founder, and CEO of Molon Labe Seating instructed.

Passengers will not fight over the elbow space either. The armrests are additionally built so that they aren’t a uniform peak from front to back. They will permit the aisle and window passengers to relaxation their elbows on the front of the armrest while leaving space on the back, which is lower, for the center passenger.

“No seats are any smaller, one seat ends up being wider, and we have solved the elbow wars,” Scott stated.

The seats are intended for shorter, domestic flights, though the corporate is developing a version for longer flights that include more padding and larger TV screens.