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Google Wants to Bring RCS

Google Wants to Bring RCS

If you believed that your US carrier is the reason you haven’t been given access to RCS, which needs to be the future of SMS, you’re probably right. Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer stated as much in a Tweet this weekend while sharing the news that they’ve totally rolled out the new messaging technology to the UK and France. So yeah, US carriers failed as a lot when it comes to this messaging factor as you guessed.

To back up for a second, let’s recall what Lockheimer is saying. Just a month ago, we reported that Google was going to bypass carriers within the UK and France and push out RCS (or “Chat” messaging) on their own, via their Android Messages app. Google never acknowledged any of the reports publicly, didn’t write up one of their typical blog posts on what’s a pretty main move and hasn’t mentioned a word about how this may all go down within the US. Well, until yesterday, after we had been instructed that “RCS now fully rolled out” in those countries and that we should expect the “next wave of nations soon.”

So that’s great that somebody from Google finally acknowledged these massive plans; however, what Lockheimer added in his Tweet about the United States situation is depressingly precisely as we thought. You may recap that I called RCS “dumb” a week before these new plans have been revealed. I called RCS dumb due to what he’s talking about here. If you depart something up to US wireless carriers, your chances of ever discovering happiness are slim.

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