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Giant Robot in Fortnite Left Gamers Frustrated and Offended

Giant Robot in Fortnite Left Gamers Frustrated and Offended

Every new Fortnite season is met with high expectation — players know they will get fresh skins, crazy emotes, new weapons and a unique world to discover. When Season X kicked off last week, Epic Video games delivered on that promise, bringing back some well-loved locations, in addition to introducing brand new merchandise: The B.R.U.T.E. mech. Usually, the arrival of new automobiles is welcomed, however within the five days they have been within the battle royale shooter, they’ve left gamers frustrated and offended.

The mechs are designed for as much as two players. One acts as the driver — utilizing the vehicle’s dash, stomp, and jump skills — while the other controls the missile and shotgun output. Solo gamers can use them too, however, have to switch positions manually.

The issue is that once somebody has control of a B.R.U.T.E., they will wreak havoc with little to no opposition. It is demonstrated completely within the Reddit video created by user Wasabi202.

While the examples within the video above are taken from high-profile streamers within the Fortnite community, the ability for mechs to cut back folks from 200 hit points to zero in one second led to an instant backlash from new and seasoned gamers alike.

You see, not only does a B.R.U.T.E. have 1,000 health — roughly five instances the maximum health and shield of normal gamers — it additionally has incredible movement talents, which can close gaps of thousands of in-game meters in a number of seconds. If the rockets don’t get you, the mech’s stomp ability will.