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Elon Musk- Artificial Intelligence Can Cause World War 3

Elon Musk- Artificial Intelligence Can Cause World War 3

Artificial Intelligence is a technological breakthrough that may render the world unrecognizable as we know it today. Although the concept that machines would possess human-like cognitive capabilities might have seemed like science fiction in the past century, it has now transitioned to reality.

Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence has drawn consideration from a various number of fields and the involved “researches and developments” are moving at a staggering pace. Artificial Intelligence-powered smart assistants to advanced training simulations and even self-driving automobiles are a reality now. However, the point of concern is that such powerful and revolutionary technology isn’t being kept limited to peaceful functions but also being utilized for military purposes.

The search for the weaponization of Artificial Intelligence has already begun, which can lead the world in the direction of a new arms race and maybe the cause of major armed conflicts in the future. Elon Musk–the founder of Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX and the co-founder of OpenAI–shared his concerns saying, “Competition for AI superiority at the national level (is the) most likely reason for World War 3.” While at the same time Vladimir Putin Russian President was quoted as saying “AI is the future, not just for Russia but for all humankind. It comes with enormous opportunities, but additionally threats which can be difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the chief in this sphere will turn out to be the ruler of the world.”

All major powers are presently focusing on the development of autonomous weapon systems, with Russia, China, Israel, and the US on the forefront of a covert arms race.