Difficulties Faced By People In The U.S. Due To Deferred Messages From Valentine’s Day

Difficulties Faced By People In The U.S. Due To Deferred Messages From Valentine’s Day

Something strange is occurring with text messages within the US right now. In a single day, a large number of individuals received text messages that seem to have initially been sent on or around Valentine’s Day 2019. These individuals by no means received the text messages within the first place; the individuals who sent the messages had no idea that they’d never been received, and so they did nothing to try to resend them overnight.

Delayed messages have been sent from and received by both iPhones and Android phones, and the messages appear to have been sent and received throughout all major carriers within the US. Most of the complaints contain T-Mobile or Sprint, though AT&T and Verizon have been mentioned as well. Individuals utilizing regional US carriers, carriers in Canada, and even Google Voice additionally appear to have experienced delays.

At-fault appears to be a system that a number of cell carriers use for messaging. A Sprint spokesperson mentioned a “maintenance update” last evening brought about the error. “The difficulty was resolved not long after it occurred,” the spokesperson stated. “We apologize for any kind of confusion that this may have caused.”

T-Mobile blamed the problem on a “third-party vendor.” It didn’t make clear what firm that was or what service they supplied. “We’re conscious of this, and it’s resolved,” a T-Mobile spokesperson stated.

The statements speak to why the messages have been sent last evening, but it surely’s still unknown why the messages had been all from Valentine’s Day and weren’t sent within the first place. The Verge has requested Sprint and T-Mobile to offer more details about what occurred.

Dozens and dozens of individuals have posted about receiving messages overnight. Most expressed confusion or spoke to the awkwardness of the scenario, having been told by friends that they sent a mysterious early-morning text message.