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All New Impossible Whopper by Burger King

All New Impossible Whopper by Burger King

Burger King will begin selling its meatless Impossible Whopper in its more than 7,000 places throughout the US, starting on August 8th. The fake meat patty, which prices only a dollar more than the beef version, is provided by Impossible Foods. It first took place in April in St. Louis restaurants. The Impossible Whopper contains 15 % fewer fats and 90 % less cholesterol than the usual Whopper.

Even still, Burger King claims customers can’t inform the difference, mainly because the burger is designed to “bleed,” similar to a meat patty. This happens due to a compound called heme, which is present in plants and meat.

To prove just how similar, the two taste, Burger King is also rolling out a “taste test” promotion solely on both the DoorDash and the BK app. Between August 8th and September 1st, clients can receive both a Whopper and Impossible Whopper for $7. They’ll have to make use of the code “IMPOSSIBLE” to qualify. DoorDash customers may also apply that code for free delivery. There’s some fine print, like that the BK app offer isn’t relevant in Hawaii and Alaska.

Burger King is not the first fast-food chain to include meatless merchandise in its menu. White Castle offers Impossible Burgers, which makes use of another meatless patty recipe from Impossible Foods, and a veggie burger from Carl’s Jr. made by Beyond Meat, a competitor to Impossible Foods.